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We specialize in business consulting and management. We advise and represent clubs on legal matters in various fields. We provide clubs consultancy service on scouting and financial issues. Also, we provide service on acquisition of sponsors, securing investors and business development consulting.
Investment & Consulting
By building up our network, we have come into contact with more and more investors who want to invest in the football business over the last few years. Especially from the USA.

Wealthy private individuals, private equity or already existing club structures who want to establish European locations and partner clubs. We also work very closely with partners from the USA who are responsible for some of the biggest deals in the US sports market.
We help interested investors in the search for opportunities, in the pre-selection of the strategically right purchase decision, the subsequent due diligence and, if required, also with concrete recommendations for a suitable management for the sporting and administrative part of a club.

At the same time, we perform as an investment consultant. We provide those looking for investing opportunities with investment plan, professional advice, and unique chances in sports industry. We develop in-depth investment strategies for each client, meeting the highest requirements with our legal expertise, helping them achieve their financial goals.

What is the concrete procedure here?

In some cases, we are mandated directly by clubs to find a suitable investor. In other cases, the investors ask us to recommend suitable candidates who are currently looking for capital. In both cases, we first scan the market for suitable candidates who are also a good match.

Our business is based on absolute confidentiality. Both sides can rely on the fact that all processes happen silently. The most important value that we consider in this Investment procedure is credibility. Based on clear and open information for each side, we create mutual trust. And at the same time, we respect the confidentiality of each parties, which would also generate credibility.