Each player has only one career. A short time window in which many important, but especially "right" decisions have to be made. Wrong decisions can have a negative impact on an entire career and possibly an entire life. The player should have his head free for his actual profession. We keep his back free and make sure that the right decisions are made.


For ourselves and for the clubs
Scouting has two different aspects for us.

On the one hand, we scout for ourselves as an agency. In other words, players who we would like to accompany on their career path in the long term.

Secondly, we scout players that we can recommend to clubs. This does not necessarily always have to be about clients of ours, but players in our target markets for whom clubs need our expertise and support.

In both cases, we are primarily interested in the footballing skills on the pitch, but also in the right mindset that a player should bring with him.

As a consulting agency, we also see ourselves as an extension of various clubs that cannot possibly cover every market and every player with their scouting.

Especially in the niche markets in which we operate.


proactive market participant
A player has only a limited number of contracts he can sign in his career. Only a limited number of transfers.

It is all the more important that each of these steps fits. After all, a player only has a short period of time in his career.

We take these steps very seriously and try to plan each transfer with foresight. This also includes being in regular contact with the clubs and positioning the name of our clients.

We see ourselves as proactive market participants. Always in the interest of our clients.


players take care of 90min,
we take care of the rest
Managing a career successfully is quite complex, if you want to do it right.

We do it right and that is why we are available to our clients in the most diverse life situations.

While we want to educate our clients to be self-reliant, we are always there to give advice when it is needed
or when we think it is indispensable.

The player takes care of the 90 minutes on the pitch.
We take care of everything else around it.

Coach & Manager

offer network to coaches and
club officials
Our intermediary activities are not limited to the careers of football players. We offer our network to coaches, but also to club officials such as sports directors.

In many foreign markets in which we operate, we also provide on-site advice to associations or clubs.

We have already placed a number of coaches, but often also the expertise of sport directors and managers with experience from European markets is needed.